Supporting others

Philip was asked to help out in the business/finance office since they were extremely shorthanded. Natalie helped out in the medical clinic again as several nurses were leaving this summer. During this time Natalie also participated in a prison ministry; teaching the women’s group from the Bible. Please pray for the women and also men that they keep listening and that God would open their eyes to the truth as they hear about the promised deliverer!
As Philip and Natalie look towards the future and what God has for them there are a few different options. They are encouraged by the Lord’s timing and the doors that are opening. They are considering partnering up with one of two different people groups where missionaries are already serving.
However, there is also a third possibility. Philip and Natalie are also considering working with a new people group. Currently, they are looking through all the information they can find on them and praying if this is the direction they should go. There are a lot of unknowns, but God is in control.
New missionary families have arrived in PNG and will start learning the trade language and culture before they also look into which people group to go to. If Philip and Natalie go to a new tribe they will need new co-workers to go with. Please pray for them as they decide where their place might be in PNG.

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