Supporting church leaders

It was obvious that many of them had come to a clear understanding of the Gospel of grace. One little girl of about nine or ten years of age was able to quote and explain Genesis 3:15 in answer to a question about God’s first promise of a Saviour.
There have also been encouraging developments in Bible translation. The Loron church leaders considered what they could and should be doing in relation to the Bible translation project in their language. They organised a meeting for all the different groups of Loron Christians in the area. Most are with the Loron churches started by NTM, but some attend other evangelical churches recently started by other missions in the region.
At the end of January around fifty representatives from over twenty groups of Loron believers discussed the role that they could play in helping to further Bible translation for the Loron. They decided that they would encourage every Loron believer in their respective groups to contribute a set amount of money each year to Bible translation to help cover the wages of those who will become engaged fulltime in the task.
Paul and Marina are thrilled that the Loron themselves have shown such initiative and are beginning to take the responsibility to further the work of translation in their language. They see it as positive growth and a maturing in the lives of the Loron Christian leaders and believers.
It is a huge undertaking for them. The Loron are quite limited in their resources, but they are stepping out in faith, and we know the Lord will encourage their hearts as they become more engaged in the challenge of Bible translation.
Paul had a motor bike accident in March when his front wheel slipped while coming out of a deep rut; pray for a full recovery and for future safety. Praise the Lord for His protection. It could have been a lot worse.
Also in March Paul and Marina started Saturday afternoon Bible study sessions for the Loron Bible teachers. They are focusing primarily on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians but they are also covering general Bible topics, study methods and interpretation, as well as Bible and church history. One of the main goals is to help the teachers to develop their own Bible lessons. To this point Paul and Marina have provided most of the teaching materials due mainly to the fact that none of the men has ever been to school and most of them have only recently learned how to read and write. It’s quite a challenge, but they believe the long-term benefits will be well worth the effort. Please pray for the ten teachers from five different villages as we study every Saturday afternoon.

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