Koen and Anne-Laure are excited that the New Testament for the Malaumanda is ready. This will be presented to the people on the 5th of May. That will be a busy day as people will arrive from all over to be there for this event. People from outside of PNG are coming, but also tribal believers from the villages around. Pray for good weather and for good health for each one and that God would be honoured that day because of all He has done in Malaumanda.
Koen is learning more and more aspects of his work in the hangar. His interview/exam to become the CEO of NTM PNG took place on the 14th of April in Port Moresby, the capital. He has passed this exam/interview well. Praise the Lord.
Pray also for the Kodiak project. The planes are still in the USA. A plan is required for the import of these Kodiaks. This plan has several parts to it: training pilots and finding a pilot who can do “ flight checks and training”. This pilot has to have enough experience with a Kodiak and he must have flown 750 hours here in PNG. Engineers have to be trained in keeping up the Kodiak. Some have already gone to the USA to take the necessary training. A manual has to be written for the standard procedures for a Kodiak; for example, which checks have to happen before a Kodiak takes off? How much weight can be taken in the plane for which airstrip in the bush, etc? There also has to be a plan for ground procedures, such as how to load a Kodiak as it is taller and can carry more cargo. There have to be adjustments at the hangar as well. This plan will have to be presented at the end of April or beginning of May and they hope to be able to bring a Kodiak into the country of PNG in July. Lord willing. Koen is going back to Port Moresby to present the plan at the end of this month. Pray for much wisdom and insight for him and for his travels, etc.
Anne-Laure is once again more involved in member care. When Koen’s interview is over, he will have a better look at the things that need to happen in the hangar and what Anne-Laure can do there to help. Just recently there was testing for the kids who are home schooled and Anne-Laure helped with that. The guesthouse on the base has a bigger kitchen and gets used for feeding bigger groups of people that come in for conferences or meetings. Recent weeks were very busy for the guesthouse lady with all the cooking and Anne-Laure was able to help.

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