Super Typhoon Mangkhut

All week missionaries in the Philippines have been watching the formation of a category five super typhoon near Northern Luzon, Philippines and praying it would stay to the north of island. For much of the week that was the forecast but in the last two days the forecast track has continued to come down.  It is currently set to make landfall in between 3am – 5am Saturday morning Philippine time (3pm – 5pm EST).

This typhoon is the same strength and following the same direction that Super Typhoon Haima went in October 2016.

One missionary family in a coastal work have had to evacuate. The decision to leave the village was easy for them from a contingency aspect, yet emotionally very hard. They had been in preparation mode with the community for a couple days, but to pack it in and leave was never really in their thoughts.  They hurt over the thought of their friends and neighbours being in physical danger, of the potential for them to lose everything; including their rice harvest and food for the next months.  As well as the thought of having their own roof blow off their house again and all the work of rebuilding it.  The thoughts of the destruction that is about to come is just so hard, and leaving them made it all the worse.

Please pray for the missionaries and the people of Northern Luzon as they prepare for this typhoon.

Pray for lives to be spared.

Pray for the rice and corn crops not to be ruined.