Super thrilled

Near the beginning of October, Philip and Natalie Hansen attended an encouraging conference for missionaries in their area. A church team from the USA came to serve and encourage them. One of Natalie’s most favourite times at conferences is, to hear all the tribal reports from the various places that NTM is working in. There are tears of hardship and of joy, sin, death and victories… It is a good reminder of the size of the team. It needs many individuals to reach a people group, including you through prayer!

Right after the conference Philip, Natalie and Louis flew to the mission station in Madang. New missionaries arrive there for orientation, culture and language study. The Madang manager is on a short home assignment and they are filling in for him for the months of October and November. It has been very busy: managing and working with the citizen employees, driving into town often for various needs, minor security issues, and different helicopter shuttles to arrange, etc. They really enjoy seeing the employees again, since they knew them previously. They also enjoyed seeing the new missionaries that have arrived to bring the Gospel to the least-reached people groups in PNG. Working alongside experienced co-workers and learning from them was helpful and enjoyable.

Natalie has been trying to teach two ladies in Goroka via the phone. This has been working as long as there is a mobile network connection. Please pray for these ladies. They both have unbelieving husbands. In addition, one of the ladies has greater difficulty finding time for the study and an available phone to use.

A New Guinean friend, who Natalie had previously taught and explained the Gospel, but she did not understand it with her heart at that time, had exciting news. God has been working in her life since then and now she has a clear testimony of faith in Christ alone for salvation from her sins. However, she does not often go where she can receive good biblical teaching anymore. They started reading Acts together, but their time is limited. Please pray for her.

Their co-workers, the Stanleys have recently returned to PNG and Philip and Natalie are super thrilled about that even though they won’t see them until December since they are in another area of the country. Pray for them as they transition with a baby in PNG.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!