Two trips are planned to run simultaneously in the summer from the 1st-22nd of July in 2015.
The Philippines team will be working at the NTM training centre for Filipino missionaries. It is located 20km from Olongopo City and 112 km north of Manila. After a day orientating in Manila, the team will travel by bus to the campus. Their project will be to demolish an old building and build a new bungalow type house using concrete and metal materials. They will be working alongside Filipino trainee missionaries and learning what life is like for them. They will also meet missionaries who have had experience working in tribal locations.
The Brazil team will fly to Manaus, spend one night there in the mission guest home and then take a boat ride to the school. The project is to put a new roof on one of the school buildings before the new school term starts. They will be working with different missionary families and hearing about the work that is going on with NTM in west Brazil.
Pray that the Lord will fill these teams and provide for their needs.
A team will also be serving MKs (missionary kids) in the Philippines during the first week of January 2015 while their parents attend the annual field conference. Pray for them to be a blessing.
Willi Wiens from Germany has this to say about his recent experience on a Summit trip: “This summer, I spent three weeks in the Philippines. It was awesome to live with my siblings in the Lord from different countries – Philippines, Netherlands, Germany, Northern Ireland, England, Australia, and Canada. The saddest thing I experienced on my trip was that I had to leave people I had come to love and I´m not sure if I will see them in the heaven or on the earth again.”
Anna Collins, from Northern Ireland, had this to say “My experience in the Philippines was one of blessing and adventure. I learned many things but mostly how important it is that the Gospel continues to be spread across the world by faithful servants. So many people have still not heard and it is our duty to tell them. There were challenges; the hard work in the heat, the mosquitos and the language barriers, but I greatly benefited from those challenges. I was able to experience true mission life, from the language learning to the building of a home, building relationships with the tribe and teaching the precious word of God. I am so thankful for the experience and will treasure the memories.

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