Summers coming

Spring comes in just glimpses there, and it was very late this year. After all these years though Robert and Rosemarie know that usually by the third week of May summer will come – no more fires, and it will come to stay and they’ll be real right glad for some relief from it by the time September comes around again!
This Thursday is graduation! Pray for the students as they step out in faith into all that the Lord has in store for them.
After graduation Robert and Rosemarie will be going away for the weekend to take meetings and visit supporting friends. In June they will be attending meetings, meetings, meetings and working for the next scholastic year (Rosemarie hopes to help in the kitchen for the first week.) During July they plan to just be around working and from the beginning of August they will be preparing for the new school year again. The summer will come and go in no time at all and before they know it they’ll be in the thick of classes again. Sleeping in will be a holiday!

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