The summer is Kirsty Bosley’s busiest time at NTM, North Cotes – she has many, many carpets to clean, rooms to organise, bathrooms to scrub, nursery rooms to prepare for new children, and so much to get organised – it’s unbelievable!!
Once everything finally seemed ready at the end of August, Kirsty took one deep breath and before she knew it the place was full of new students to help settle in and orientate.
It really never stops!
Nursery is back in full swing and the children have settled in well. Kirsty finds it a REAL joy to go each morning and work with the children,. It has also been amazing to see the team that God brought together to work in the nursery – they all get along so well and that makes life so much easier and a blessing.
Pray that they would continue to communicate well as a team and that they would show God’s love to these little ones.
Three afternoons a week there is a ‘Practical Programme’ where the students work for a total of nine hours which helps maintain the campus. Kirsty is in charge of coordinating the students and making sure that everything happens. She enjoys this opportunity to get to know them although she might not always be their most favourite person!
Pray that the students’ lives will always be more important to Kirsty than the work that needs to be done.
Just six weeks ago the student girls were just names on papers that Kirsty had read and now they are already friends with whom she spends a lot of her day! She is so thankful to God for the blessing of friends and how He always provides people for her to get to know, to pray with, to grow with and to mutually encourage.
Pray that the students will always feel welcome in her home – that people will get to know Kirsty as a friend and not only as their ‘Practical Programme Leader’. Pray that she will be a blessing to all she comes in contact with.

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