Summer is on its way!

“April showers bring May flowers,” so they say! The May flowers have come up from the southern part of Mexico in big trucks! As beautiful as they look many of them cannot survive the harsh conditions and quickly die. Christine has pretty much given up on trying to maintain a flower garden! But they do look nice. More than enjoying the flowers, Christine recently enjoyed a great Saturday out with a friend, who is such an encouragement to her. Her friend’s love for the Lord and His Word has really “blossomed” this year as she was able to take a class on the book of Romans at the Bible Institute. She has a real hunger and desire to learn more and is hoping to be able to take more classes next autumn. Pray that that will work out and that she will stay faithful in “planting seeds” of the Gospel.
Speaking of prayers…David is teaching both girls to drive. Enough said!
Praise the Lord all went well for the school drama and no one was sick for the performances. Sarah did a great job and Abby’s background was amazing!
David, Christine, Abby and Sarah would appreciate your prayers for all their summer plans and travel for the summer! The girls are travelling to the USA with family and have jobs and David and Christine will follow on later once the cleaning and finishing up at the school is completed. They are so thankful to the Lord and for those who prayed and gave financial support throughout this school year! They could not have done it alone.

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