Summer is coming slowly in Greenland

Oli and Anne-Sophie Tindalid’s children have started their school holidays and their churches summer camp will soon start for three to four weeks. They will be helping at three of them. Pray that they will keep their focus on God alone and not be distracted by all the busyness around them. The first camp will be for families. Oli and Anne-Sophie are looking forward to strengthening relationships with those they already know and being acquainted with new families too.

The second camp will be for teenagers and their daughter, Liljan, will be participating with a friend from her class. The third one will be for children from nine to twelve years old and their daughter, Leanna will be participating at that camp. This year, it has been a challenge for the leaders to simplify the camp, as there are not as many helpers but many children desired to participate.

The main purpose of the camp is to create contact with families and children from Nuuk, to have an opportunity to start teaching the Word of God to them and to follow it up during the winter period in Nuuk. Pray for the participants of the summer camps, that they may be open to the teaching and the Gospel and that God would transform their lives.

Oli and Anne-Sophie pray that God will guide for a new Bible study group to start after the summer. Some people from their church will be involved in the youth meetings and others in the children’s clubs.

Oli and Anne-Sophie are thankful for God’s strength and faithfulness.