Summer in the tribe

As well as the written Word of God, they want to produce audio Bibles for the older people in the churches who can’t read. A fellow missionary with SIL who was in the tribe years ago and also has the desire to see those who can’t read have more access to the Word of God, has given financial support for buying the audio Bibles so they can put on them the Word of God in the Yagwoia language. Robert and Nicole are looking forward to working on this project.
It had been quite some time since Robert and Nicole contacted the Iwalaqamalje believers because a mobile phone tower hadn’t been functioning. But several of the men who are leading the churches there contacted them from the other side of the tribe where they could get a signal from another mobile phone tower. Meanwhile one of them had to go to Goroka with his little girl who was sick. Thankfully she is in good health again. Robert and Nicole also heard from the believers in the other parts of the tribe. They have made good progress in working on some dialect changes.
Robert and Nicole are thankful that their children are doing well in their studies and at school. Elianne has quite a bit to study but has had good results. Amos is doing well in his new studies and since January has been working in a greenhouse once a week. Jorim recently received his midterm school results and they were good.
Pray for Robert and Nicole as they plan to visit churches in the Netherlands and in Germany during the next few months.

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