Summer in Sorimi

Poul and Carol Joensen are so thankful for God’s faithfulness and seeing Him at work. This was evident in the many preparations towards and during their trip to Sorimi, Papua New Guinea. Poul went to PNG ahead of Carol, Jonathan and Isaac and stayed longer.

Once their house in the village was emptied, they tore the termite-ridden building down to the ground. There were many smaller accidents, some potentially dangerous, but, praise the Lord, everyone was kept from serious harm. They then searched through the rubble to find whole, firm pieces of plywood for the floor and inside walls of the new house. The villagers cut down trees for poles and the outside bamboo siding. Finally, the new house took shape – there is a bedroom with ‘en-suite’ toilet and sink, and a main room serving as kitchen/diner/office/lounge. They love their simple ‘Home Sweet Home’! Poul and Carol are so grateful for the team who helped them build (from the UK, Germany and USA) along with the commitment and excitement from many in the Sorimi church, the supportive teams at the PNG regional headquarters, and everyone who gave and prayed.

While building, they all slept in the church, more like a hut, with bark floor and low walls with the upper half open for air (and windy rains!) to come in.

Poul, Carol, Jonathan and Isaac slept along one wall, five others along the other wall, and the kitchen/dining/lounge was at the side of the building under a tarpaulin… until a night storm tore it off, requiring them to dry everything out and start again.

The ladies asked Carol to help them learn how to have some Bible time together. It is a challenge since only a few Christian ladies are good readers. She encouraged them to share and pray together. Please pray they will continue with these meetings.

While in Sorimi, Poul taught from Titus and had many good discussions. He also completed a draft of Hebrews and Revelation.

Later in Wewak, Poul, along with three Sorimi helpers and the translation consultant were able to do the final check of Philippians, 2 Timothy, 1 Peter and the remaining portions of Luke and Acts. Praise the Lord for more Scripture that will soon be printed and placed in Sorimi hands.

Jonathan desired to be baptised in Sorimi, as a testimony to the church and friends he had made whilst growing up.

Later, Poul hiked ten hours to a remote hamlet where twelve new believers were baptised. Pray for two Sorimi men as they minister to this church.

Adrian was unable to go to PNG with them. He has completed his course to qualify as an outdoor activity instructor. He is now working at one of the Abernethy centres.

Poul is planning his next trip to PNG for March.

They are thankful for their new home, which will enable them to continue ministry with the three Sorimi churches. “Great is His faithfulness!”