Study groups

Dave and Emma Moore with Joshua have just finished studying Colossians as part of training the new ‘Growth Group’ leaders. They are encouraged by the level of participation in these groups and the ‘Progress’ courses with about fifty adults involved.

Please pray for a new group starting up this month as they study Ruth and for Dave and Emma that can grow in how to teach Old Testament books.

They are now planning for their summer home assignment and hope to be in the UK in June and July. It is hard for them to fit everything in during a two-month time window. They plan to attend the ‘Make a Difference’ conference from June 19-21 at North Cotes.

This year they want to be careful to schedule a good break as a family and are planning to spend time on their way back to the UK at a retreat centre.

Dave is looking forward to helping with Christian Medical Fellowship’s ‘Developing Health Course’ again in July.

Dave and Emma recently made the decision to start attending the international church service on the centre instead of the local PNG church, which they have been part of so far. A priority for them as a family at the moment is for Joshua to hear the Bible taught in his own language as he understands very little Tok Pisin, the trade language, which makes the local church service hard going. They are sad to leave and have appreciated the welcome and aspects of learning about Papua New Guinean language and culture.

Dave and Emma are thankful for people who are coming to faith through hearing God’s Word in their own language.

Pray for refreshment and encouragement, patience and endurance, joy in trials and thankful hearts.