Student to teacher

Faith Stokes feels blessed beyond measure that the Lord has provided for her to fly home for Christmas this year! In less than a month she will be back in Michigan, USA, for three weeks with family.
By the time Faith flies home for Christmas, she we will be nearly finished with the first half of this school year. Her World History class is currently deep in a discussion of early North and South American colonisation. The Canadian History class is just about to start analysing Canada’s involvement in WWI. Canadian History is a one term course so she will only have a few weeks with them after Christmas break.
Faith has been particularly thankful in recent weeks for some extra energy and focus as she prepared for class.
Faith has also been ‘Dorm subbing’ which is a bit tiring as it requires an extra three hours of work in an evening after having taught all day. However, Faith finds that the opportunities to build deeper relationships with the students in the dorm and with dorm staff is definitely worth it as she becomes a part of their family away from family. Pray that the Lord would continue to give her energy and love to invest in these very special third culture kids.
A typical evening of subbing begins at 6pm. Faith arrives in time to eat dinner with the students and their dorm parents or resident advisors. After dinner the boys have assigned chores to help clean up, and then they head to common areas or to their rooms for study hours. While the boys are busy studying, Faith stays in the kitchen and helps with whatever prep work the dorm staff need. Every week is different. Frequently Faith gets to make some sort of tasty treat like brownies or cookies, which are her favourite things to make because, like most high schoolers, the boys get really excited about having special treats after study hours.
Also pray for Faith to have wisdom to use her time well particularly in these last few weeks before Christmas holidays. On a practical note, she is praying that her computer makes it through to Christmas break. It is having quite a few issues and needs replaced.

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