Strong in faith

Geoff Husa is thanking the Lord for His mercy, which got him the rest of the way home after his first international flight out of PNG, was delayed, causing him to miss all the rest of his itinerary, and having to overnight in Sydney, and rebook all the rest of his flights. Geoff is glad to be back with his family in the USA after two and a half week’s away visiting Mibu.

On reflection, one thing that was very clear to Geoff was that the Mibu church is strong in their faith, as evidenced in how they talk about all the difficulties of the last couple of years, and by the things they continue to prioritise in their lives. They prioritise looking to the Lord in all of it. They prioritise continuing to share the Gospel, which they have done, with people who have not heard. They have even prioritised somehow getting the Gospel message to those that have caused them harm. The church in Mibu has served others in need even when being in need themselves. As Geoff listened to them talk about the struggles, there is still a hope and a joy there which only comes from the Gospel. He was super encouraged to be there and interact with them and see the fruit of their faith!

The highlight of Geoff’s trip was actually having plenty of time to just sit and listen to his friends as they talked about life over the last couple of years. Most of it revolved around the extreme challenges for the community brought about by the terrorist gang. People were fascinated to see his hearing aid implant and learn about how that works. They also enjoyed hearing about how his family is doing.

The church is grappling with the fact that the terrorists have never have been brought to justice. Whenever they feel like it, they may attack again.

Geoff was able to complete some translation work, and do re-training on some of the tools that they use to work together virtually. The equipment is a bit ‘rusty’ and needs replacing. He is thankful for a recent gift specifically for replacing the computer that is used by those helping with translation.

Geoff hopes to return to Mibu again in six months and plans to take the new computer, and get it set up and working with the systems and software needed. It will be a different kind of computer, with a different operating system; therefore, more training will be needed.

Geoff is so thankful for the generous gift that allowed him to make his last trip to Mibu. Please pray for the finances for the next trip. It would be good for them, at some point, to visit as a whole family to give the kids a bit more closure after leaving the place and country where they grew up.