Striking a balance

Alessandro and Chantal Parrillo with Samuel and Jolissa serve among the K…… people in West Africa, they are thankful that their co-workers are back with them in the village!

After a short time in Dakar for Alessandro to complete his dental work among other tasks and take some rest they are now back in the village and have resumed language sessions. They are so thankful that their language helper is faithful in helping them even during the rainy season. Please pray for their energy and for their health, as there seems to be more sickness during this season.

Alessandro and Chantal are still trying to adjust to their new situation now that they no longer have help with the kids and do not have any house help – it can easily become overwhelming.

They would appreciate your prayers that they will find a good routine that works well for their family and strikes a good balance between family ministry and church planting ministry. Pray that they would rely on God moment by moment. Continue to pray that they learn this language well and that their relationships continue to grow.