Stephen changed from his main role of being in the kitchen to a new role of sharing the teaching in the Applied Linguistics Course. This has been very challenging for him as this course is much deeper than anything he has taught before. Catherine continued on with her student nurse duties, but also took on the housekeeping responsibilities so was very busy during the summer with cleaning carpets, moving furniture, setting up apartments and many other varied tasks. Also this summer Catherine completed some medical training and has become a first responder. Because of living in a rural community it often takes much longer than is ideal for the local ambulance services to respond to emergencies, so some of the locals have gotten together to raise funds to train and buy a kit for those of who are able and willing to take the training and respond to emergencies. Pray for her as she takes on this new role too.
Megan is now in the second year of her advanced level of studies, this has been very challenging for her, while John is in his final GCSE exam year. Also Stephen will have to choose the subjects he wants to go on to study in his final two years, and James has started secondary school; he passed the Grammar school entrance exam and received a place in the same school as Megan and Stephen. Please pray for all of the children, but particularly for James to settle into his new school and be happy and able to study well.
Stephen and the kids have been working this past week with a national Christian organisation who works on the beaches in the summer. They play games and have children’s meetings on the beach like Sunday school and try and talk to the parents. It’s very hard work to get folk to talk to you in this area, but many conversations were had. Please pray that these folk will think about what they heard.
Pray that Stephen and Catherine will have great wisdom as parents. Also pray that they continue to have joy in their walk with the Lord and that it will remain a priority to them even in the business of life.

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