Strength to continue

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach are serving God in Liberia, West Africa, among the Glarro people.

Aaron finished drafting the Passover lesson. It is still rough, but good enough to keep working on it and improving it. He will now work on revising some recent lessons, as well as the first three lessons, that he had put aside because those lessons are more abstract and were more difficult to deal with at the time when his Glarro abilities were more limited.

Amy is back to writing conclusions for the discourse analysis. The Glarro literacy class that Amy is teaching in the public school is still far from being completed, however the school year will end next week, because of an early closure due to rising Covid cases.

There are some sick people in their village with some ugly coughs, but there is no testing anywhere nearby. They do not know if it is the virus or if it is some ordinary colds that are being passed around.

Aaron and Amy thank God for giving them strength to continue the work.

Please pray:

  • That they can continue to make progress with preparing Bible lessons in Glarro.
  • That they will not lose the contact to the people, while working many hours behind the computer.
  • For their relationship with God. Satan constantly seems to attempt to target them with distractions.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy and the Glarro people.