Strength and endurance

Adrian and Evelyn Jotter have been studying the trade language and culture of the Philippines since June. The past weeks have been very exhausting but God gave them just enough strength and very helpful missionary friends. However, they do enjoy language study and diving into Filipino culture.

They are thankful for a week’s holiday and have adjusted their schedule so that that they do not have to live life to the limit every week.

Last week they drove to another town by bus. They left one of their phones behind when they got off. Praise the Lord, despite it being a big city they got the phone back the next day. Many people told them: “That was very unlikely”. Nothing is impossible for God.

Evelyn’s grandmother who was admitted to hospital is doing better. In addition, Adrian’s broken toe has healed. He has already been able to play some football, which he really enjoyed.

Please pray:

• For strength and endurance for language study as it is tiring. Sometimes even the thought of it is tiring.

• For Evelyn to combine the two roles of being a mother and a teaching helper – it is very frustrating at times.

• For wisdom in raising and disciplining their three children.

• That they find good places to regularly “go out and find rest/have fun” as a family.

• That they can continue to build good relationships with their fellow missionaries.