Still working

Recently Jim and Marge Finnamore talked with their kids who are missionaries in Asia-Pacific via Skype and they told them about an Asian couple who have recently trusted Christ. Their daughter-in-law Angie had taught the lady last year, but it was not until recently that it all made sense and she and her husband trusted Christ. What a joy to hear of these new brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us rejoice that as He promised, Jesus is still building His church around the world.
Marge has been checking out some health problems, and her doctor has told her that she has Parkinson’s disease. That was a shock but it does make sense because of some things that she has been having difficulty doing. Now that she is on medication, Marge has improved in several areas for which they thank the Lord. Without doubt she will have to always be on that kind of medicine. She goes back to the doctor in December for a check up to see how she is doing.
Continue to pray for Jim and Marge’s ministry at the nursing home each week. They have some faithful people who always attend the meetings. Pray that those who don’t know the Lord will trust Him.
Also pray for the health of those who live at the same retirement centre as Jim and Marge. Many are over ninety and struggle with health issues.

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