Still standing!

David and Christine Baxter have been very busy teaching classes and Sarah with her studies. David has also been occupied with a number of maintenance projects. They are in touch with Abby in England (at North Cotes College) and she is busy, but doing very well, for which they are very thankful.

The ‘Spiritual Enrichment Week’ with the junior and senior high children went well. Praise the Lord, they had a great time! No illnesses, no injuries, lots of fun and most of all, great times of teaching and encouragement! The group from the New Tribes Bible Institute did a great job teaching and interacting with the kids. It was a great blessing for all of them. Pray that they will all keep applying what they learned.

David, Christine and Sarah had the privilege of attending their neighbour’s, daughter’s wedding. They gave the Bride and Groom a Bible along with the wedding gift. Please pray for the salvation of the whole family.

Another praise is that David’s dad is home again from the hospital. They would appreciate continued prayer for him and all the family in Northern Ireland.

Since the middle of July, the Nahuatl people in one of the villages in Mexico have been listening to the life-changing chronological Bible lessons. Praise the Lord for the interest and that God’s Word is coming to these people in their own language for the first time! Recently the missionaries taught the Passover account and all that it entails. Please continue to pray for faithful attendance and for open hearts. Thank you so much for your part in this work!

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