Stepping out in faith

This year marks thirty years of service in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes mission for Koen and Anne-Laure Verdonck, who arrived for the first time as a family in May 1994.

Over thirty language groups have heard the Gospel and many churches have been planted during this time. Through outreach these churches have continued to share the Gospel.

The Lord has blessed Koen and Anne-Laure over those thirty years and they are thankful for your prayers as you serve with them.

Over the last few years many people have asked Koen and Anne-Laure how long they are thinking of serving in PNG. This was a hard thing for them to think about. They had no idea, so they started praying. They asked the Lord for His guidance and understanding and took wise counsel.

They have concluded that if they want to be able to serve the Lord in a meaningful, fruitful ministry after their return to Belgium, now is the time to start taking steps forward, while they still have the energy and vision to start something new.

While reading the story of how God instructed Moses for his new calling, and change of ministry, they felt that they could follow that example.

They discussed the plan with their kids first, then their church elders, mission committee of their home church, their sending entity in the Netherlands, and then the mission’s aviation leaders in Arizona and the leadership in PNG.

It has been Koen and Anne-Laure heart’s desire to serve the church of Christ, to encourage and help their brothers and sisters in Christ to live a godly faithful life before and with Him. They wanted people to grow, their lives being connected to and rooted in Him. That is what they have done, in the Lord, during these past thirty years.

The Lord has led them in a very special way to the Christian Retreat Centre “Connect”.

The goal of “Connect” is exactly their hearts desire, to give Christians a place where they can re-connect, refresh, and recharge. The team at Connect seeks to help people to seek after God and experience His leading. God led Koen and Anne-Laure to experience this work for themselves during their latest home assignment. They now see Connect as the place where they can serve the churches in Belgium.

Along with their new ministry at “Connect”, they also plan to stay part of Ethnos360nl (NTM Netherlands) and serve Ethnos360 Aviation for Europe.

The timing of their return home to Belgium is not yet clear but they hope to be able to finish this term in PNG in a good way in 2025. This is a big step; PNG has become their home.

Koen and Anne-Laure would appreciate your prayers as they take this step in faith with the Lord.