Of course, Erwin and Rita are trying to become more like ‘them’ by eating things Paraguayans eat and using public transport etc., which they really enjoy. But most importantly, in order to become relevant, they have to speak the language and know the culture and, through this, build relationships with Paraguayans. They love this aspect too, but it doesn’t come as easy as eating Paraguayan food or using Paraguayan buses. It is a step-by-step process and they need patience. Erwin and Rita see the mountain of work before them, but they often forget that two and a half months ago they knew nothing but a few words in Spanish and now, thanks to God, they have made some progress.
Recently Erwin experienced some culture shock. It lasted only 7-10 days but it was rough because he felt so out of place and out of control. Living in a new country and neighbourhood,not knowing the language and culture and many more things which add up. During those ten days the only thing that helped was God’s Word and the promises and assurances within.
The kids are doing fine. Hanna goes to a Christian nursery/school; Ben doesn’t want to go for now, so he stays with Erwin and Rita. Baby Lia is just eating, sleeping, and laughing and smiling.
Erwin and Rita are thankful that they have enough language helpers (LH). One LH lives in the same neighbourhood and helps many missionaries learn the language. Due to sickness he cannot work and so he is happy to help his Christian brothers. Please pray for him as he is waiting for a liver transplant.
Winter is on its way in Paraguay. At night it can get below 10 degrees and during the days it’s often ‘only’ up to 20 degrees. There is no heating in the house, but they can use the air conditioner to heat up as well, for which they are thankful.
As Germans, Erwin and Rita and their children can stay in Paraguay for 90 days without a visa. They recently applied for a visa and there were a few complications but thankfully everything turned out fine. Now they have to wait a few months until they actually get the one year visa. After that year, Erwin and Rita will get a lifelong visa. Praise the Lord for open doors in Paraguay.

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