Steep learning curve

Chris and Ingrid have been living in Norway but will be returning to the UK in mid-November; their flights are now booked.

Since August, Chris has reduced his studies in Norwegian to roughly two days each week and is finishing off. On the 21st October, he will take a written Norwegian test and on the 3rd November a verbal test. Please pray for Chris as he keeps doing practice papers, which are nowhere near as interesting as language sessions. Please pray that he will pass the tests.

Chris has also begun studying Biblical Counselling online with Emmaus Bible College in the USA. The studies are part time and will continue until around April next year. The course focuses on how to be a better people helper and is especially helpful for those planning to be missionaries. Please pray that God will help him to remember all he is learning and be able to apply it properly.

By far the biggest change lately has been becoming parents and learning to adapt to a completely different lifestyle. Jonathan is putting on weight; he is a happy boy. Their daytime routine is irregular and as Chris mainly studies at home, it is a bit distracting. Please pray that they would find a good routine soon.

Chris, Ingrid and Jonathan will move out of their apartment in Norway at the end of October and then stay with Ingrid’s mum and her husband Håkon for a couple of weeks. Chris’s sister has very kindly offered the use of her house in Liverpool. They plan to be there from November until sometime in July when they will fly to Madang in Papua New Guinea to begin their national culture and language acquisition (NCLA). They praise God for providing a place for them to live while in England and pray that God will enable them to be an encouragement to Chris’s home church.

Pray for Chris and Ingrid as they say their goodbyes to folks in Norway, that God will give them peace and courage throughout the transition (especially now that they have Jonathan).

As well as counselling studies and being involved in their local church in Liverpool, Chris and Ingrid will be using their time to travel around the UK to share their plans so that people will be better equipped to pray for them during their time in PNG. Church planting in a people group probably without a written language involves years of language and culture study, literacy, Bible translation and Bible teaching. It seems impossible but Chris and Ingrid’s confidence is in an all-powerful God – it is not impossible!

Pray that God will use them to challenge and inspire people not just to be a part of what God is doing across the world, but to be involved in evangelism right where God has them.

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