“Count it all joy, my brothers and sisters, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”  James 1v 2-3

This is a challenging verse! The last few months have been some of the hardest times so far since Dave and Emma Moore with Joshua, moved to PNG. Dave says, “When we face trials we often pray for them to go away but here we are encouraged to step back and see how God is using the trials to grow us. We have also had many things to be thankful for- deepening friendships, learning from God’s Word, development of the music programme and the privilege of serving and supporting others in sharing the Gospel and building the church here.”

They have had a good time with a medical student from Wales. As part of her elective, she visited a team working in a more remote part of the country. She said the helicopter ride there was one of her most memorable experiences. They were able to hear from local people how they used to live in fear of the spirit world and how they had come to understand the message of the Bible for themselves. They learned more about the literacy teaching; how they have come to read, write, and be able to teach others. They sat with a lady who runs a medical clinic and trains local volunteers in health work. It was a good insight into medical issues in the rural areas.

Over Easter Dave travelled to New Britain to run a clinic for the team working in the Islands region. It was an intense time meeting the eighty or so adults and children for check-ups and providing some training on mosquito borne disease and dealing with and preventing injuries. He also came away refreshed by teaching during the conference and with more perspective on what the teams are doing and facing day to day.

A highlight in recent months was the Spring concert at the school. “The Rock Choir” and “The Ethnotes” are making great progress and they really enjoy making music with them. Joshua has started learning piano and recently had his first performance at a recital. Dave has been giving piano lessons to another student who had been praying for a year for someone to teach him. Emma is thankful that so many young people and adults can have opportunities to make music

Their ‘Growth Group’ has been studying the “Sermon on the mount” in Matthew this last term. As the weeks go by, they have come to know each other more and had good discussions and times of prayer. They plan to start up a new group in the autumn to be able to provide opportunity for everyone who wants to be in one. They are thankful that they have been a stimulus for growth and a means of pastoral support in their lives and for others who take part.

Joshua has a number of good friends and he is able to play with them most days after school. There will be transition over the summer as some of them leave and others arrive. The turnover in their community is about 30% a year so it can be hard to say goodbyes and to continue to keep investing in relationships with those around them. They are coming up to the end of the school year and getting ready for their summer home assignment. They plan to visit Emma’s sister and family in the USA on the way back to the UK. Dave will stay on longer in the UK for medical work and training.  Pray that it would be a time of rest, refreshment and reconnecting with others.