Staying safe

Philip and Natalie Hansen with Louis and Timon left Germany at the end of September and arrived in PNG in time for the beginning of the area conference. They were thankful to be there and found lots of encouragement from the messages, tribal updates and co-workers, but it was hard as well with the two kids and jetlag.

They met with their team a couple of times in the first few days, and then they left for Madang to buy building supplies for their house.

After Madang, Philip flew into Kovol with Steve and Rhett and two experienced builders from the mission. A bit later, four men from their home church went in as well, to help the team. There is a lot of milling still to be done. Please keep praying for safety and good health. Even though they are so remote and have to take a helicopter to get in there, they have a signal and Philip can call Natalie in the evening. They are working very long, hard days. The Kovol people are still excited to help as well.

The women keep cooking lots of food for them (even though it is the same every day), and other villages have been coming to bring food and pigs to share as well. A pig is very valuable and special to them.

Twice recently, two of the men had accidents that, praise the Lord, caused no lasting issues but could have turned out very differently. A good reminder to keep praying for them. There is no medical facility close by.

Please keep the team in your prayers – to stay united, keep abiding in Him, for wisdom in raising their children, good relationship building in Kovol, and for safety.

Thank you for your support and all your prayers