Stay alert! Keep praying!

Becky Noble supports church planting in Papua New Guinea through teaching music at Numonohi Christian Academy. Due to the school closing because of Covid-19 she has returned to the UK. She has been back for seven weeks already!

Many missionaries have had to delay or adapt their plans due to the situation, but it is incredibly exciting that chronological Bible teaching is now well under way in two tribes for the first time in their heart language. There has been some opposition in both of these tribes, but also much encouragement. One presented Christ’s death and resurrection on the 9th June. Please be praying! Several of the missionaries in that people group are getting over malaria. They have an empty water tank due to lack of rain and very limited internet to keep in touch with the outside world for encouragement and prayer. Please also remember the team who, after five years of preparation, started teaching on 1st June. Becky is really excited to hear how these tribes respond to the Gospel and hopes you are too.

It has not been easy for Becky to adapt to the current situation, but the last month has gone surprisingly quickly. She been able to enjoy many walks in the lovely countryside. She has also had plenty of jobs to do and has been involved with many virtual meetings. Please pray that she would be an encouragement to folk in these difficult times and for fruit from the evangelistic meetings. Also, pray for good time management. It is hard for Becky to know how to get the right balance between family, church, rest etc. Not knowing how long she will be in the UK is also difficult. Do keep praying for the NTM leadership as they make decisions about when it is safe for teachers to return to PNG and when the school should re-open. If it opens for the start of the school year as usual, she would hope to be heading back to PNG in mid-July.

Pray for Becky‘s family to stay safe and that she would trust the Lord with practicalities related to medical/dental concerns that need to be sorted out before she heads back to PNG.

Thank you so much for upholding Becky and the work in PNG in your prayers.