Stars at the root

Starting this month they’ll be helping in a new way. Steve has been asked to co-teach in a new fortnightly Friday evening discipleship group. They’re going to be going through a 12week chronological Bible study based on the material NTM uses in tribal groups. It’s a great way to give people a good foundation in the Bible by looking at it as one whole story. Steve will be teaching in English alternating with another guy from the Church. It’s quite exciting for him to not just be doing language study but also beginning to contribute.
Steve has begun to be involved with a group reaching out to international students. One event they had was a ‘Dutch lesson’. He went along to learn some Dutch and has ended up responsible for the course. He has been able to share from his missionary training. Very quickly Steve is trying to pass on some tips to deal with culture differences and techniques to be able to learn Dutch without signing up to a class (ironically enough by teaching a class). A group of about ten students are attending fortnightly and seem to be enjoying it. Some have difficulty practising speaking Dutch because of lack of opportunity; and so Steve and Gerdine had two Iranian guys over on a Sunday for a meal and Dutch practise – Gerdine was the teacher!
Having celebrated Sinterklaas in the Netherlands, Steve and Gerdine decided to double their Christmas celebrations and headed to the UK for a week.
The two and a half months of focused Dutch study have paid off as Steve has managed to get himself a job! He works Mondays and Fridays as a holiday home cleaner at a Centre Parks nearby. The entire thing from interview to training and onwards is all in Dutch, which is really stretching for his language skills and gets him working two days a week. The other weekdays are spent in Dutch study and work for NTM Netherland and other tasks.
Gerdine has settled well into her job as a carer. Being a new care home there are some teething problems and they are currently short staffed, so Gerdine works a little extra. They’re both really grateful for how God has provided in going from unemployed and homeless in August to settled and working only a few months later.
Steve and Gerdine have been spending these months concentrating on settling in and adjusting to married life. They’re aiming to go to PNG in Jan 2016, so they are starting preparations: work permits and visas etc., all of which Steve has done once before!

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