Standing firm under trials

Paul and Susan’s visit was timely and necessary, as there were struggles and discouragements for many of the believers.

The teaching from 1 Thessalonians that Paul gave about standing firm under trials was very applicable. They loved hearing about what is to come, the details from chapter four and how they should be encouraging one another with these words.

One of the mature believers took a grandchild to town to hospital as he had concerning symptoms. The diagnosis was a late complication of measles and is fatal. They are now back in the village without any help for a child who can no longer walk. Word has also been received that the grown son of another believer has died. These are difficult trials.

Paul and Susan were very pleased to see five of the young men from the youth group who are away from home continuing education. They gave these young men Bible study books and they trust that they are using them and can find some Christian fellowship, even just together. One older lady spoke of her desire to be baptised.

Another lady is going to start teaching other women and several children in the village where they live. Pray for these situations and for wisdom as to the next trip for Paul and Susan and as they wait for the renewal of visas and work permits.

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