Staff and student

Nom isn’t too well at the moment, so pray that God would use this time to work on her heart and heal her so she can use the experience in the future to encourage others.
Paul and Nom’s ministry was different last term, as they went away for two weekends helping with representing NTM. One weekend they went to Manchester to man a stall at a conference and the other they helped out at a Sunday school at a mission’s day. They thank God for the amazing opportunities that they had to share about NTM with people.
On one of those weekends they were able to visit another church around Leeds, and they loved it. The people were so welcoming and were interested in Paul and Nom’s need for a home church. Pray for Paul and Nom as they hope to return and explain in more detail about what they hope to do if they join that particular church.
Paul, who has completed the training and now is on staff at North Cotes, found last term challenging as he was organising things and that is not his forte. But everything went well, thanks to his amazing team. Paul enjoys working with his painting crew, which allows him to do something outside the office. He was also allowed to team teach Phonetics, which he already loved in the CCC-course. It was a good experience.
Nom is taking the Applied Linguistics Course, which has been a challenge as classes moved on from phonemics to grammar. However she seems to be doing good at something that she thought she hated, so now she admits that she kind of likes grammar. At Girls Bible study Nom has been helping girls look into how to study God’s Word. Pray for one girl who attends who isn’t a believer yet. They have started to look at the book of Ruth using the tools learned. This term will be more personal as leaders take it in turns to speak about topics to help the girls in their Christian lives.
Just recently God provided Paul and Nom with a different car. They were on their way to a shopping centre when their old car broke down. They called the RAC and hoped everything would be ok, only to find out that Paul had bust the engine by neglecting it’s warning-symbols. Friends from the mission picked them up, telling Paul and Nom that they had spoken about giving Paul and Nom their old car as they had just gotten a new one. So Paul and Nom got a car before they even lost the old one.
Paul and Nom also thank God for an amazing first year of marriage.

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