With still limited language and cultural understanding Andrew and Joanna, who serve with their family in Asia-Pacific, sometimes feel that things are not happening quick enough.

A three-day conference with their mostly national co-workers was a wonderful time for them. Many business meetings for the men but also spiritual talks and encouraging reports about different works. It was quite an experience for them to see how spontaneous some things happen. They just aren´t quite used to it yet… so it was a little stressful to have the responsibility of caring for the missionary children at a drop-of-a-hat notice.

After a busy time with different activities on top of their language and culture study, they were truly ready for a break and could not wait to welcome their first visitors from Europe – Joanna’s parents.

After their three-week stay, they went home with a better understanding of the daily challenges that Andrew, Joanna and family face in Asia-Pacific. It was so important for them to see what their daily and weekly routine looks like. They can now pray better, and thank the Lord for the important role that they are involved with in reaching out with the Gospel. They also saw some of the challenges that the local people face.


– For lovely opportunities to spend time with the young people from the dorm and with local friends in the town where they live.

– For the visit of a former missionary who used to serve on the island, and the great opportunity to hear some of her cultural insights.

– For an amazing time with Joanna’s parents – helpful for her parents, and encouraging for them.


– For Andrew as he and the boys are starting a new weekly Bible study with the topic of dating and marriage from a Christian perspective.

– For more friends of their children’s age. Often kids in town where they live find it hard to play with other kids and prefer their electronic devices. That makes it harder for their kids to make friends and learn the local language.