Spiritual justice

In this way David and Chris seek spiritual justice for the people in their area. They continue to enjoy attending a smaller local church which is 7kms away from the hospital. Due to transport issues they don’t get there every week.
Another way David and Chris feel called to seek justice is being God’s voice in the hospital. This can take many forms but for Chris it is mainly seeking to advocate for patient’s rights. It can be extremely exhausting at times continually plugging away at the same things week after week. It can also be tremendously rewarding being in the privileged position of being able to serve and impact patient’s lives. To be able to pray with and freely share the Gospel with patients is still something they both treasure.
In April the hospital will undergo the tri-yearly re-accreditation process. There are many areas where it appears almost impossible that they will maintain the same status as the rules have tightened up considerably. However they are reminded who the King is and that there is nothing impossible for Him.
During the months of March and April the annual medical missions conference will take place. This is a particularly busy period for everyone with many visitors from various corners of the globe arriving to teach and disciple the candidates. Pray for David and Chris as they take on their usual roles particularly in the evening when they will have the candidates to their house to share their testimony with them.
Chris continues to plod on with her masters course which seems unrelenting but she is already starting to see how some of the things she is learning can be implemented in the clinical area. Pray for wisdom and cultural sensitivity as she seeks to work together with national colleagues to maximise the impact of the wound care team.
David continues to work on sermon preparation and trying to finish writing the English curriculum for the nursing school. He will be preaching on Easter Sunday. Please pray that what he shares will impact the congregation for His glory. Following this he will try and work on building a series of sermons using the firm foundations material to be used in his regular preaching slots in chapel and the church. Pray for wisdom as he adapts the lessons to the unique situation they are in.

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