Spiritual growth

Axel and Sandra’s co-workers have started little Bible study groups for people who can read Pal and who have a hunger to feed from the Word of God for themselves. Some of the Pal men are also meeting and preparing portions of the Scriptures that they are sharing during the teaching sessions. It is exciting to see spiritual growth; however there are still lots of areas for future growth!

Discipleship, teaching and Bible translation will be the focus of the work among the Pal in the next years. As a team the missionaries are challenged to train their young believers. They sometimes feel overwhelmed when they see the mountain of work that is in front of them. To nurture a church to maturity in Christ is a lengthy process that requires much wisdom, stamina and prayer. Another topic is how to carry the Gospel to further Pal villages. Lot’s to pray about!

Recently Axel and Sandra have spent their weekends visiting different churches to share about their ministry and God’s work among the Pal. They were happy to see many of their old friends and make some new ones. Next year they want to spend more time getting ready to return to Pal and also brushing up on their language skills.

Tom and Lilly have adjusted well to life in Germany.

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