Spelling error

It was only once they had their passports back that they realised that David’s name had been spelt incorrectly on his visa. This put their trip to Singapore, to meet up with some of the elders from their home church in New Zealand, in jeopardy as it wouldn’t have been possible to travel out of the country with the incorrect name. Praise the Lord that after much prayer from several parts of the world his name was corrected.

David and Chris are encouraged by the hospital’s recent renewed enthusiasm to have a monthly prayer and fasting meeting. Previously it was every three months but recent hardships have meant that they are taking the need to cry out to God seriously. Although the reason they are having to meet more regularly is discouraging, their response in prayer has greatly encouraged them and they are blessed when able to attend.

David is gradually transitioning over to his new role at the local church. Recently he met with the regional supervisor for the denomination locally.

One of his roles will be teaching Bible stories to the children in the playgroup. They are thankful that they were able to find some books already in Indonesian that had creation to Christ teaching with activities – so there has been much frantic cutting out and laminating of materials so David can try and be ready ahead of time. He will also deliver occasional seminars to members from local churches on a variety of topics including: personal growth and development, the pastoral care role and caring for church members and others. It is also likely that after a little while, as people get to know him, he will find himself preaching more regularly at different churches on a Sunday.

David has also been asked to help with the weekly elderly men’s growth group that is held on Friday mornings. This is the preliminary list of tasks but usually these lists get longer as time goes on. A lot of time will need to be spent preparing materials for teaching so please pray that David will have wisdom in what to take on and what to decline. Each Thursday morning David meets with the mission administration office staff to lead a small Bible study in English with them. Their desire is to develop their English language ability related to spiritual matters as well as developing their relationship with Jesus. Pray that this time will be used by the Lord to help strengthen each of these young men’s walk with Him.

Chris is very thankful to have finally submitted and passed all of the work for the second year of her Masters’ course. Now there is a short lull before she starts work on the dissertation stage – their time in Singapore will be the first time David and Chris have had a break away together WITHOUT BOOKS AND STUDY for two years!. Once the dissertation is underway it will be back to lugging around study materials and trying to be disciplined to study while on holiday; so they will make the most of it this time! The exact topic is still under debate but she would like to study something that will be of benefit for the hospital in the long term future.

David and Chris are thankful once again for all your faithful prayers and really appreciate each one of you for the unique role you play in furthering the Gospel.

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