Special request

A special prayer request is for wisdom and guidance from the Lord concerning their move to Colombia. They would like to use a removals company they know is reliable but it is proving complicated. Also pray for David and Chris to be able to get flights so they can arrive before the removal van.
Recently David and Chris were able to pick up their son-in-law, daughter and children from their local airport. Praise the Lord they had good flights and no problems with customs. They are very happy to be back home at the college in Latin America where David and Chris also serve.
Thank you for praying for David’s Romans classes. They are presently studying chapter nine. It has been a joy for David to teach the students. One of the other teachers finished her class early, so David has an extra two hours teaching time each week.
The next month is full of activity for David and Chris. At the end of May there will be a missionary challenge weekend. Pray for all of the organisation and that they will have good attendance. They are expecting missionaries who were former students and are now teaching their own people to attend. Pray that the Lord will challenge others to take the Gospel to those who have never heard.
Graduation will be at the end of June. Pray that it will be a very special day for the lady graduating, who plans to help in the administration office, and that the Lord will be glorified.

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