Sowing turned into reaping

Despite being mocked and ridiculed, Dubby and Anna’s Senegalese co-worker has stood firm in his belief in Christ for twenty-five years. His perseverance and gentle witness has borne fruit.
Last week from Wednesday to Saturday, baptismal candidates were taught each day. Then on Sunday they were baptised. To commit to baptism is no small thing – the majority of people will be against them.
Soon candidates from three adjacent villages will be taught at one central village over three days. (This is the area where many professed a few months ago.) The plan is to teach about 70 candidates each morning and afternoon, with the baptisms on Sunday.
Rejoice in what the Lord has been doing, and pray for clear teaching and for discernment as each candidate is interviewed before baptism.
Dubby and Anna are back home after a wonderful trip to the Faroes. Right now Anna has no carer, so Dubby has had to drop his normal work in order to do (almost) everything in the home. They are trusting God for His resolution to this challenge.

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