Southeast Asia

As a family they are excited about their departure to Southeast Asia planned for the end of March and they are currently in the middle of their preparations. The initial plan was that they would do national language and culture learning in the capital city. However, leadership decided that it would be better for them to live closer to their future co-workers while they also have the responsibility to evaluate Maarten and Mirjam’s progress in language and culture learning. So they will move almost immediately to the North-East of the country. The people group and other missionaries will only be 30 minutes away, which will be a huge blessing. For the first six months they will be able to live in a furnished house made available to them by a missionary family on home assignment. They also have a car for sale. Maarten and Mirjam are so glad and thankful that the road ahead seems paved.
Last September Maarten Jr, Guus and Vera started home schooling. In the beginning it was a bit difficult to get used to the new teaching materials but now that they are used to it, it works great. They will continue with home schooling in Southeast Asia and will also learn the national language with their mum.

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