South East Asia

Norman and Bobby arrived back to the UK mid-March and settled in to life fairly quickly.
While they continue with much of their normal work during their time at home, their activities have changed a bit.

Of course they enjoy spending extra time with their family and seeing more of their grandchildren. They appreciate closer fellowship with their church family and meeting up with friends and supporters when possible. Less ‘exciting’ but equally important, are all the visits to various hospitals, doctors, opticians, dentists, etc. that seem to have taken up a lot of their time recently. Without a reasonable level of health it would be impossible to effectively continue in ministry. Thank you for praying for Norman and Bobby’s health, strength and spiritual encouragement too.

This month Norman and Bobby will be visiting their daughter Judith, Allan and the boys in Canada.
Later in June their son David, Alicia and family will also be heading to Canada to work at a Christian camp. Over the summer months they will be in charge of the work and discipleship programme for the young people who attend the camp. This is a huge step of faith for them and they would appreciate your prayers.
Political upheavals are taking place in just about every part of the world. A few weeks ago their daughter Naomi was in Nigeria on behalf of her mission organisation. They were thankful for Naomi’s safe return home but they are reminded that we live in a very troubled world.
Norman and Bobby have been watching closely recent events in S.E. Asia too. It is good that there was no bloodshed during a recent coup in one of the countries. They look forward to there being a greater level of stability in this country. Pray that doors will remain open for the Gospel in this country which is used as a base for many working in surrounding countries.
Praise the Lord for the church planting, Bible translating and teaching going on in tribal areas throughout S.E. Asia, for contacts being made and opportunities to expand the work in the region.
Pray that the S.E. Asia team will know the best places to locate new workers.
Also pray for suitable new workers to join the team.

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