Sounding healthy

Recently, Rosemarie Baghurst was very encouraged at how healthy she sounded when the doctor’s nurse phoned asking her many questions! However, after a rough couple of days, she was more than glad to have the diagnostic procedures done as planned. In a nutshell, the diverticulitis has done some damage to her colon; biopsies will tell if she also has colitis and the endoscopy showed inflammation and ulceration. The doctor, however, was very upbeat saying there was no sign of any cancer and she should be helped with diet (more fibre and fluids) and medication, which has immediately been altered to accommodate for reflux. The big prayer request is for her diet as they’ve found that different doctors have differing opinions on what is best to eat.
Meanwhile, Robert has had a doctor’s appointment following a fall a couple of weeks ago whereby he’s had difficulty with walking and bending. Pray for right guidance and healing.
However, their main request, as always, is their spiritual health: to continue growing in His grace, knowledge and truth and to be a sweet savour of the Lord and His love, manifesting His fruit at all times in our lives.

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