Sorting, packing and getting rid of clutter

Their vehicle’s rebuilt transmission worked fine and they had safe travel both there and back. They did run into a lot of rain, but it is rainy season and to be expected.
Richard, was able to meet with the house owners and write up and sign a rental contract. They discussed the unwanted furniture, painting and wiring. The discussion went well with give and take on both sides. It seems like the owners are fine with Richard and Wendy building a cabin/bungalow, on the property as well for Wendy’s Mum, Gwen Pierce.

They stayed in the village for two nights and Richard was able to get the grass cut around the house and work on the plumbing. The town gets its electricity from two different water turbines and the one that their house is on had been broken for a few days, so they were without electricity. The rest of town was only getting electricity for twelve hours a day (half the area had it from noon to midnight, the other half from midnight to noon). Hopefully the power turbine will be sorted out by the time they move up but it looks like they will be needing to set up a solar panel system for backup once they move into their new home. They already have panels and charge controllers.

They were not able to arrange the setting up of internet at this time with them not living there yet, but they will work on that once they have moved.

Richard and Wendy have arranged for a ten-wheel truck to transport their furniture during the last week of July. They hired the truck from someone they know; the driver is experienced and is familiar with the road. Pray for good weather and safe travel.

In the meantime, Richard and Wendy continue to sort, pack and get rid of clutter. Pray for the family at this time of transition.

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