So many questions!

There has been a lot of change for Chris and Ingrid Hughes and for the mission centre at Hoskins, Papua New Guinea where they currently serve.

Chris and Ingrid are excited about the possibility of going to work with the Mamusi people of PNG. Recently they were able to make a trip to Mamusi to try to get a realistic picture of what their needs are and how they might help meet those needs. One of the things they wanted to find out was if one expat family is enough or if it would be better with more. They spent three nights there as a family. They enjoyed experiencing bush life again and to feel the people’s hunger for God’s Word. Although night times and naptimes were difficult living in a bush house, Ingrid and the kids loved being in there and getting to know the people.

More than anything else, the trip cemented for them that if possible, they would love to be a part of watering this widespread, and spiritually underfed church. They long for the day when they have the Bible in their language and each person has the chance to learn to read their Bible, understand it and apply the truth to their lives. Although there is a literacy course, it is struggling to take off because there is next to nothing to read in the language.

With the amount of work to be done in Mamusi, Chris and Ingrid were advised to approach another family who were also looking to church plant in a bush location. However, the family that showed interest has chosen a different ministry location.

Sadly, several missionary families have left the Islands region recently for different reasons; most of whom were good friends. It is leaving the region very short staffed. Chris and Ingrid have been able to help by jumping into different support roles, mostly full time – first by helping on a renovation project, then preparing for conference, then stepping into supply to keep the bush missionaries going. It has been busy and they are tired. Each new role involves a learning curve, but it is good to see the few families left on centre relying on each other more as Chris and Ingrid do what they can to help keep the centre afloat and the bush missionaries looked after.

Chris and Ingrid are not sure what to do now. Their hearts still burn for the Mamusi work. Strategically, it is vital to see churches like Mamusi grow spiritually. Enabling churches to do the great commission work across language boundaries could multiply ten times over and reach many other people with the Gospel.

There is huge potential, especially as the Mamusi people are hungry for growth. The workload would be high for one family. Could it be that God is shutting the door on Mamusi for now? Alternatively, does He want Chris and Ingrid to go for it, and trust Him to give them the strength? What should they do if they cannot go there? What about the needs on centre? They are praying much.

Over the next weeks, they will be spending time with mission leadership and getting input from different ones. Please keep praying for wisdom and courage for Chris and Ingrid to do whatever God asks of them.


  • Praise God that they were able to visit Mamusi as a family.
  • Praise God for the opportunity to help on centre in lots of different capacities.
  • Praise God for Lydia and Jonathan who are doing well; in friendships, in home school (Jonathan) and in learning more and more about their Maker and Saviour.
  • Pray for wisdom to know what to do going forwards.
  • Pray for an open door to start church planting in a tribe soon.
  • Pray for co-workers to go with them to Mamusi if that is God’s will.
  • Pray for faithfulness, faith and hope in the meantime while they wait.

Thank you for joining Chris, Ingrid and family on this journey through prayer.