So excited

Ragnar has been asked to be the Project Manager and has been spending ten to twelve hours each day making sure it all runs smoothly. Twenty plus readers were chosen, a different voice for each character.
Within six months the Kankana-ey New Testament will be on the internet, available to be down loaded in MP3 format.
The Kankana-ey believers are thrilled as they read or proof listen to the recordings. God is already using it to speak to their hearts.
When the Kankana-ey N.T. was first dedicated in 1990, a project like this would have had little value but now the believers are using the technology in the city so can access the readings, although it may take a little longer before it is as accessible in the villages.
Pray for alertness and good health of the readers and everyone involved and for the equipment to continue to work well.

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