Snapshot from Senegal 

Sometimes making such blunders in a new language can be embarrassing and annoying and at other times it is very hilarious and causes laughter; it is all part of learning.

The more Andrew and Eliza Keyser learn about the language and the culture the deeper their conversations with the local people become. They are sometimes astonished how saturated people are with false ideas about the spiritual world.

Andrew and Eliza are still learning the language bit by bit, learning culture and finding that when they have peeled off a layer, there appears to be more and more layers. It seems like an impossible task, the need is too big. What can they ever accomplish? The answer is simply nothing out of themselves, but God has led them to Senegal and with Him all things are possible! They know that the only thing that they can and must do is to be faithful to the tasks He has given them and most importantly to abide in Him and to trust Him for whatever He has for them.

They are also focusing on a group of Senegalese believers who have a passion to reach out to the others in the area, not necessarily of their own language group. Andrew and Eliza find it amazing to see that the Lord has raised up these believers who are from different people groups within Senegal. One translator has his own radio broadcast where he teaches from the Word of God twice a week. They have a zeal to reach out! Andrew and Eliza love to work together with them. However, it takes time to be part of the local church (or be accepted by local believers in general). They are learning that they need to “earn” their place in a sense by taking a learner’s attitude and finding trust with them. Please pray for patience and Gods wisdom!