Six months in

Pray for the “Growth Groups” course that Dave and Emma are running this term. This is a course on how to lead small groups. They are hoping to set up a couple of “Growth Groups” in August at Lapilo. Pray that this will be a means of encouragement and spiritual growth for all involved.

Dave is thankful for Roy, a medical student from the UK that will work in the clinic in April.

Emma is excited that Becky, also an associate who is a music teacher will join the team at the school and work with Emma from August.

Pray for those affected by the earthquake; Mission Aviation Fellowship and NTM are organising relief flights.

As Dave, Emma and Joshua travel back to the UK for home assignment in the summer they plan to visit friends in New Zealand and have a rest with just the three of them for a week to “decompress.”

It is going to be a busy time of seeing family, friends and reporting back once they are in the UK. Dave has some medical work planned for August when Emma and Joshua return to PNG in time for school. He needs to work in the UK each year and have an annual appraisal to stay licensed as a doctor.

Dave and Emma are planning a ‘Partnership Weekend Away’ in June. They would also like to participate in a couple of days of the Christian Medical Fellowship’s Developing Health Course and Dave is due to help with a workshop at the International Christian Medical and Dental Association world congress in India on his way back to Papua New Guinea.

Pray for them to have rest, refreshment and encouragement over the summer months.

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