Singing His praises

Something Esmé has particularly enjoyed while being in the UK is being able to sing loudly in her mother tongue – both privately and together with others. Oh what freedom there is to be able to sing praises to the Saviour, knowing exactly what you are singing and being perfectly able to keep up! While she was unwell in West Africa she often did not have the energy to sing for prolonged periods and felt breathless or faint during the half an hour of singing in the Sunday services. Please give thanks to the Lord for renewed energy and the opportunity to sing aloud.

Thank you once again for your ongoing prayers and your support, particularly during this time of ill health. Finally, after many months… it is now looking possible that she will be able to return to West Africa in July. Please pray that all would come together to enable this to happen. Pray for the Lord’s help as she begins sorting things out and gathering things together. Pray that vaccinations can be completed quickly, for wisdom and good advice from the doctors and travel nurse as she has her final appointments and test results over the next few weeks.

Esmé had the opportunity to go back to Ireland for just over two weeks with her parents, aunt and uncle. Their time was quickly filled with visiting relatives… with some hurried exploring of the surrounding areas too. Pray for the nation of Ireland, for people there to know the Saviour. Pray they would know the One who can take away their fears…pray they would trust Him and depend on Him alone. Pray for the many people who have shunned and rejected the Lord because of the terrible things which have happened in the past. Pray that the Lord would draw people into a right relationship with Him.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Esmé’s friends in West Africa. She has been able to keep in touch with some people and to be able to continue to be involved in their lives, even at such a distance, which has been a special blessing.

In West Africa, Esmé‘s host family will soon be moving house, which will mean extra travel for her. Pray that they will continue to get on well and be able to make the most of the time they spend together. Esmé’s language helper and close friend also has some big changes going on in her life. Please pray for her as she gets married later this month. Esmé is sad not to be able to be there, but weddings are big things in Senegal and are made up of two or three parts! She will miss this official part, but hopes to be able to celebrate their church wedding with them later.

Pray that:
* Esmé will be fit to return to West Africa in July and for reasonably priced flights at a very expensive time to travel.
* For wisdom and guidance from the Lord concerning where to serve when she has completed culture and French language study.
* That she would be faithful in making progress with relearning/revising French so that she will not have taken a step backwards.
* For her family and friends across the world who do not know the Lord – may they come to know Him!
* Her walk with the Lord, that He may truly be first in her life and that she would remain close to Him. (John 3:30).