Simbari Translation Update

David and Shari Ogg who are currently on home assignment in the USA, have completed the textual proofing of the Simbari New Testament and Old Testament portions translation, and have begun the formatting process with a colleague at the Ethnos360 home office in Florida. He has been sending them all kinds of questions about printing that they need to make decisions about, things like: text sizes and spacing, divider lines, headers and footers, cover texture, cover colour, etc, etc. After locking down the layout choices, he has been applying those formatting choices to their text as he imports it into the publishing software, sending David and Shari proofs to review and make any needed corrections. They are also working on maps with translations for the back of the Bible. Earlier in the summer, David and Shari were able to meet with their colleague at his office in Florida, talk about the project, and see samples, which were very helpful in the decision-making process.

As part of their trip to Florida, they were able to attend their son and his wife’s graduation from Bible College. They are proud of them for dedicating two years of their life totally immersing themselves in the study of God’s Word.

They also visited their daughter and her husband and grandchild and met up with David’s parents. Three out of four kids were able to be together. They love being together as a family and treasure times when they can get together even though their other daughter’s family could not make it.

While in Florida, they were able to stay with Shari’s brother and his family. Shari’s parents also live nearby so they were able to see them as well as many other friends and relatives who live in the area. They also had a warm reunion with former co-workers who started the Simbari work in Papua New Guinea many years ago.

A Bible teacher and his wife recently flew back out to spend some months ministering to the Simbari believers in the villages. During their visit, the Simbari believers will also be hiking over the mountains to attend a multi-language group Bible conference. Pray for growth and for the teaching of God’s Word to bear much fruit.