Significant gaps

When New Tribes Mission PNG has all the staff that it needs in each department: business, IT, aviation, medical, maintenance, education . . . it is able to support the work of over eighty-one church planting families around the country.

Support workers make it easier for church planters to stay focused on their primary goal– reaching the tribal people in their location with the truth of the Gospel in their heart language and discipling them until a mature church is established.

When there is a gap in one or more areas, making sure those church planters are adequately supported is harder to do.

There are some significant gaps in the teaching staff for the 2020-2021 school year. When there are not enough teachers, Numonohi Christian Academy (NCA) has to limit the services (year groups or courses) that are offered.

Parents who work in support ministries then bear a greater burden in educating their children, which creates a ripple effect that affects church planters’ ability to focus purely on the task at hand.

For the 2020-2021 school year, there are needs in just about every area, but our CRITICAL needs include several primary teachers, a high school science teacher and a high school English teacher. One hundred and sixty-five students are served at NCA.

If you have teaching or administrative skills, you could join New Tribes Mission PNG for as little as one year and contribute to something that lasts forever.