Short-term ministries

The past term at North Cotes has been quite busy. Naomi has been teaching phonemics and grammar for the past two months and has thoroughly enjoyed it. With marking homework, preparing for classes and teaching she has had her hands full and has been in work more than Paul.

Paul has been home with the kids in the afternoon and in the mornings he has been working on CMT and short-term ministry matters.

They have started preparing for the REACH conference; they will be leading worship and have a slot to talk about volunteering.

They love their role as volunteer’s co-ordinators, especially getting to know the volunteers, be there for them, and support them in their time at North Cotes. Monday nights are a highlight of the week for them, meeting altogether as a group and getting to know each other more.  Pray for volunteers for the next academic year and for wisdom on Paul and Naomi’s part in the process.

They are getting excited about their trip to the Philippines this summer. They would value your prayers as they have a lot still to organise with paper work etc. They already have some people interested.

At nursery, their children Aria and Ezra have been learning about different occupations. They have really enjoyed this experience, and learnt so much.