Shining light

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach are serving among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa. They are thankful for the construction crew that made good progress on the addition to the office. Aaron ended up taking those two weeks off from working on lessons to help with the work and to try to figure out a solution to their internet problem. They got all the walls up and the rafters on. Hopefully Aaron and his co-worker will soon be able to get the tin roof on.

Pray that Aaron will be able to concentrate on lesson writing again over the next few weeks and that God would be convincing his Glarro helpers of their own need of Him as they work with Aaron on the lessons.

In April, Aaron and Amy plan to visit Germany and the USA for six weeks to attend Amy’s brother’s wedding and for Amy to have some medical checks. However, with the world travel situation at the moment their plans may change. Pray for them to have wisdom in this matter.

Pray for their co-worker whose Mum passed away last month. She was able to spend a few months at home in the USA with her Mum before she died. She is now getting everything ready to return to Ivory Coast next month and continue to work on the Glarro Bible translation.

Aaron and Amy thank God for the hope and peace they have in Him, that they can live without fear, and that He has made them children of light! Along with their co-workers the Burkheads they ask for prayer that they would shine the light of Christ where they live among the Glarro by their lives and with their words.