Seven years

It is only His grace that gives them the courage to keep moving forward, knowing that He is a faithful God who doesn’t abandon His children.

Chris had a good study leave in the UK. She enjoyed being able to meet up with the other students in her Master’s course. Now into the second year the group has shrunk from 22 to 15! Please pray that Chris will continue to be able to complete the course work. Also that she will be able to make practical applications in the hospital.

Chris had no sooner got back to Asia-Pacific than David was off out to join in a mandatory training seminar exploring how to implement the Firm Foundations materials in their local context. He was encouraged to meet local believers who are now taking on the task of church planting and also to see how the Lord is using them. He enjoyed some good fellowship with his “host” family who looked after him extremely well.

At the beginning of November David and Chris were very blessed by a visit from co-workers from NTM New Zealand. They were only with them for a few days but they were a great encouragement and really helped David and Chris to see the bigger picture of the work in Asia-Pacific.
Things are beginning to become a little bit clearer regarding David and Chris’s next visa platform. Please continue to pray for their administrator as he deals with the myriad of documentation and bureaucracy he has to navigate in order to obtain their visa.

One of the evangelism team at the hospital has recently finished formal training to work with disabled, young people. He has a heart to see a rehabilitation centre established which would provide practical job skill training, as well as fellowship and spiritual teaching. He hopes to run the first programme at the end of April. It is David and

Chris’s desire that a recuperating patient would be able to join this programme and learn skills that would enable him to earn a living and be able to contribute financially to the family unit. It would also be wonderful for him to meet with other young, disabled people in order for him to receive support and encouragement. Please pray for wisdom in the many things that need planning.

Chris has been able to spend some time on the wards again which is really where her heart is – alongside patients, teaching staff and students in a practical hands-on way and not stuck in a classroom. David has also been able to put a couple of sermons together recently.

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